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Consulting - We make your medical device or system ready for market. Mediteq
Mediteq advises you through the process, or we offer operational services, where we take care of everything in the project; from planning, to execution, to reaching the finish line on time.

It is you, as our customer, who decides to what extend Mediteq should be involved and how much of the work you would like to perform yourself.

Regardless, Mediteq will help you reach your goal!
Mediteq assists you with;
  • CE-mark
  • FDA clearance, e.g. 510(k)
  • Product authorization / registration on other markets - Canada, Australia, Asia
  • Implementation and certification of Quality management system certificates
  • Internal audits and/or supplier audits; gives you a confirmation that yours, as well as your suppliers procedures and processes work, both in theory and reality
  • Regulatory analysis; what is required to achieve the product approval you desire
  • Business analysis; what is required in order for your organization to reach compliance with the regulatory requirements
  • Acting as additional resource for a single project or approval, or as Quality or Regulatory manager
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