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Customized trainings to meet your specific need. Mediteq
Mediteq offers customized training for a small or large group of employees at your company. We also provide talks or a lecture suitable for an open seminar or a large conference arranged by us or our partners.
Mediteq offers for example the following trainings;
  • CE marking of medical devices & systems - Interested in MDR and IVDR training?
  • Integration of medical devices & systems
  • Risk management according to ISO 14971
  • Quality management system according to ISO 13485 / ISO 9001 / QSR
  • Internal audit of quality management systems
  • Development of safe medical device software according to IEC 62304
  • Medical electrical equipment according to IEC 60601-1
The extent and length of our trainings are always adapted to participants’ abilities, needs and desires.

Would you like Mediteq to arrange a training at your company? Please send a request to

Terms and Conditions
Registration and program for upcoming open trainings:

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